Cribs, Strollers and Carriers, how to choose?

Whether you are a first time mom or not, the experience of carrying a baby full term and bring a child into the world can be scary yet, it is one of the most fulfilling experiences for any parent.  When we factor in the financial aspects of raising children, we can become overwhelmed.  Our thoughts travel to thinking about the costs of strollers, car seats and what we need for our nursery.  Many new parents worry about can they afford to send their offspring to college or even earlier how can they afford child care.  With so many competing challenges bearing down on the parents during their impending births, it begs the question of where to begin planning.  Searching online at Babies-R-Us allows one to compare products you are seeking quickly and easily for the comfort of your home.

One of the most important things to have on hand after the birth of a child is having nursery furniture.  It is important to have a separate place for your child to sleep. Having a crib or a co-sleeper are two alternatives that most parents consider for their child. A crib or a bassinet is usually a given but if a woman is breastfeeding sometimes a co-sleeper is a better alternative in the months just following birth.  A co-sleeper arrangement allows the baby to bond with the mother especially if breastfeeding.  Parents sometimes place a bassinet, sidecar sleeper or bedside sleeper alongside their bed so that they have easy access to their infant.  Since most newborns and infants wake frequently this arrangement allows for intimacy and bonding between mother and child.  It can also reduce the possibility the child might roll out of the bed or become suffocated by a parent.

Another important item to have on hand for a child is a car seat and/or stroller. There are many different types of car seats and strollers available.  A great idea would be to have a stroller that can be converted to a car seat and which also can be converted for use to accommodate a growing child.  Graco makes 3 in 1 models which can be converted for use depending on the lifestyle of the parents.  They have strollers which can be converted from carriers to strollers quickly.  There are also strollers which are specially designed for active parents that run with built in shock absorbers to allow for the smoothest ride of the inhabitants.  Since a stroller will be the place that your infant spends a majority of their time when on the move, it is best to consider your lifestyle when making a decision about how to transport you baby.

Another important investment to consider is a good carrier system to hold and/or bond with your newborn/infant.  There are several different types of carriers for babies.  Baby Carriers can be a sling, front or hip, framed or baby wrap carriers.  Each has its only best use and depending on your lifestyle, you may choose to have several options in your arsenal.  Framed carriers are a bit pricier than the other options mentioned, primarily because a framed carrier is great for an older baby.  If you are always on the go, it allows the baby to have the security of a frame yet it allows them to be close to you.  A sling or wrap carrier is great for newborns or infants under 6 months.  They allow you to keep your baby close while offering the parent the ability to have fluidity in their movement.  Front or hip carriers allow for closeness while aiding in dispersing the baby’s weight without placing too much strain on the parent .

During the first months of a child’s life, bonding and closeness are important for both the parent and the child.  The child learns that they can feel safe with their parent and the parent benefits from having their child under their watchful eye.  When making decisions about what to purchase for your child make sure to use Groupon Coupons to save money on your purchases.

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How Custom Exhibition Stands Could Help Grow Your Business

Anyone who’s ever owned a business will tell you that visibility is everything – once you’ve generated interest in what you’re selling, you’re halfway to making a profitable income. But growing your brand’s reputation isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

This is why there are professionals out there who are dedicated to marketing your products and services to a consumer audience. And, contrary to popular belief, enlisting these services doesn’t need to break the bank.

One of the best ways to build your business reputation is by holding a stand at a trade show or exhibition. Here, you will be surrounded by other likeminded companies and will be given the perfect opportunity to engage with your customer demographic, putting your best foot forward.

But these shows are highly competitive, so you’ll need an edge that sets you apart from others in the field. This means being current, exciting and offering something a bit different than everyone else. It may be difficult to engage your customers at first, but once you’ve made an impression, success will likely follow.

Whether you run a well-established business or you’re just starting out, everyone could do with a little help keeping their brand current. And what with all the technological advancements of the twenty-first Century, this can appear daunting to some.

Luckily, a professional marketing team can help you with every step of your marketing campaign – from conception of an idea, right down to its execution. But, chances are you’ll have a budget to adhere to, so you’ll need to find a company who can offer you the best services for your money.

If you’re thinking of hosting a stand at a trade event, you will definitely benefit from enlisting the help of a marketing company – especially if you haven’t represented yourself in this way before. This is your chance to engage the public, so you want to make the most of it.

These companies can help with more than just a successful marketing strategy. Not only will they design, build and plan your exhibition stand from scratch, but they can also help you with the minor details such as travel arrangements and storage. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses.

It goes without saying that how you present your business at this event will have a ripple effect on your next few months – maybe even years – of trading. So if you’re hiring a marketing team to assist you, they will need to be the best in the business.

Look out for a company that specialises in exhibitions and events, as they will likely have years of experience behind them helping other companies to build custom stands to impress their audience. You’ll also want to make sure they can offer you a complete range of services.

Not only will you need a company that offers a design and build service, you’ll also want to find someone who can help with your project management. This means that the company will go on serving you long after the end for your exhibition due to all the expert advice you have received.

When seeking a company to hire, you’ll also want to ensure they have the credentials to back up what they’re offering. You should be able to gain insight into any awards or accreditations they may have been granted by visiting their website.

Lastly, nothing is more telling of a marketing company’s prowess than how many brands they have worked with successfully. Your marketing team should display these on their webpage, but if you can’t find details of their previous work, ask to see their client portfolio.

So, a marketing team that specialises in exhibition and event stands will no doubt give you that edge that you need to stand out and gain a solid customer following. Not only that, but they should also make your entire marketing strategy more streamline.

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Cracking The End Game Code for Business Owners: Handling Myths About Sales & Marketing and Structure

When you have business owners who spent a lot of time in their business working really hard, they don’t necessarily want to stay running around in their businesses any more. They typically want to automate and have systems and processes. Sure, they may have a C-Suite handling his or her wishes, but most owners don’t necessarily have their officers focus exclusively on automation, systems and processes because that C-suite has their own responsibilities to complete within that business.

Here’s the pressing question: why wouldn’t it make sense for an owner to sit there, craft their vision statement, craft their mission statement and craft their marketing campaigns with the sole intention of “running to their end game”- either selling their business or actually working on their business for once?

There’s thousands of different ways to market, but the truth of the matter is you should market to your strengths, your vision, and what works for you and the message you want to deliver. You must, of course, perform the heavy lifting to discover this reality for yourself, but you have to have a process and a system in place to handle this action.

You should have a due diligence checklist to say, “Every time I want to market, does this particular system I’m looking to execute in my business match my vision statement? Is it congruent with my mission statement?

As an example, I’m a writer. That’s what I’m great at. And because I’m great at writing, I simply write lots of articles. I can publish that one article and post that same message across 12 platforms with the push of a single button. I’m also great at automating systems. I know how to put systems together. I know how to put the structure of things in marketing and sales together so that things won’t fall apart. You don’t want your sales and marketing processes having holes in them, especially if you’re trying to scale up your business.

You don’t want to all of a sudden get an influx of business and your business falls apart because you can’t handle the volume. That’s what a lot of people don’t look at, especially if they’re trying to get out of their business because they’re like, “You know what? I’d rather wing it or try to figure it out.” Then their business collapses into ruin because they didn’t have a mentor supporting them.

A good example of this is solopreneurs. One of my friends is actually the inverse of this, as he has his system tight, there are no holes, and he’s extremely happy and successful in his practice.

He’s good. He’s only got 2 marketing systems. Systems that can handle high volume that he can single-handedly manage and turn those switches on and off, as needed. He’s care free, has no employees and an amazing quality of life. He’s already discovered that he doesn’t like to manage people- he doesn’t want to do that. Even if we were to put a system together for him to scale out his practice, he kept asking me, “Fred, will you manage the system?” I said, “No, I’m not going to manage the system.” I said, “I’d rather do a joint venture. I have systems that will manage the system, but if you’re talking about being in the day-to-day human element of the business, because it’s more brick and mortar, then I’m not that guy.”

I said, “I take the leadership role in anything that I do because my passion is serving other people and effectively seeing what they want to do in their businesses, with their teams, and how they want to get there. In order to be able to give them exactly what they need to perform I just can’t be held down to one business.”

As far as scaling his business out any further, he’s just like, “You know what? I’m okay, Fred. Unless you can really tell me why I should venture out any further, then I’m fine.” We were talking casually anyway, as scaling out his business wasn’t a pressing thought, or pain. The bottom line is he has choice, and he can choose whether or not he wants to duplicate his efforts. In relations to his vision and mission statement, he’s at his end game and is living the life of his dreams. That’s what it’s all about.

Most people don’t look at it that way. They just look at their business and say, “I’ve got a business. I want to make money, and that’s it.” The truth of the matter is it doesn’t really work like that. You have to lay the foundation instead of just winging it. The process doesn’t have to be perfect, as good enough is good enough.

Some business owners got lucky because they found a starving niche, but most business owners failed because they were winging it. They didn’t have structure. Even for the ones who are winging it, they’re trying to keep it all together because all of a sudden your name gets out there in the marketplace and you don’t have a repeatable way to manage your success. Now you don’t have a way to handle the volume, so you get scared.

It’s just like playing poker. You’ve got that scared money on the table that you don’t want to sitting there, hoping you don’t lose. That money on the table may be your rent, your mortgage, your whatever. And in poker, money on the table is money played. You can’t reach back in there and take it off the table. Once that money is in the pot, that’s it, you’re done, you’re beat. Most people don’t look at business like that. They’re running around here playing with scared money, but yet they need to grow their business. They got to figure out which one they need to do- run a business, or run scared. That’s the reason why automation is so important; to handle your weaknesses while you focus on your strengths and high-payout activities.

It doesn’t matter really what kind of product or service you have. The key is when you offer your product, when you get that one customer in the door, are you able to efficiently handle them from your marketing all the way down to the fulfillment, to the follow up? That’s it. Anything else other in between that is just conjecture, it doesn’t make any sense to exclusively focus on anything else except steering the ship and hiring able people, or having strong processes and systems in place.

And when I’m talking to some of these business owners, I hear the exact same thing. Whether it’s an employee, spouse, CFO, client- whatever- the communication that you, the business owner, is putting out is so important. You are the capstone of your business and what you say carries more weight than you know- it influences the direction, system and processes of your business.

An extremely simplified example of this concept is some practitioners, self-employed or solopreneurs attend networking events and mixers because when I hear them speaking directly to me, I’m like, “What are you telling me? What do you do? Really? I don’t understand.” Their communication is not clear enough for me to want to pursue further communication for me to say to myself; I need to talk to you, or I don’t need to talk to you, either I need to give you my business card, or I don’t need to give you my business card. So they haven’t made the initial sale, on behalf of their company they represent. The sale? They were selling me on their idea. Bottom line; business structure, systems, employees and processes are meaningless without an effective message via marketing and sales.

Getting to the end game is really that basic, but most people don’t see it like that because they’re caught up in their own game. They’re the picture in the frame versus actively engaging in, and having a proven and repeatable process. To me that’s the most important part. Just getting business owners either on a track, or back on track so they can win is the ultimate end game.

Fred Smith builds results-based businesses with his clients and applies this technology in the marketplace by using military-grade business and performance development solutions.

He is the creator of The Synergy Triangle which is an integration of leadership, marketing and selling methods in your company’s workflow that increases gross profit and speeds up your sales cycle while minimizing the risk of poor customer service and delivery of goods or services.

Starting from humble inner-city beginnings, Fred began his business career as a telemarketer and door-to-door direct salesperson. He eventually rose from poverty to become one of the nation’s leading and sought-after business building consultants in the automotive industry.

He has combined insights learned from his 20-plus years of military, retail, multinational, and corporate business building successes and mistakes with observations from the worlds of leadership, business building, sales and marketing. The result is a revealing study of real-world results as only a communicator like Fred can simplify.

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